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Diary of an Elegant Giraffe

19 April 1980
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  • Kingswood School - Corby, England - Northamptonshire, United Kingdom (1991 - 1998)
Update July 08 - Have finished PhD, have practically finished MSc and training and am living back in Bristol.

Update Feb 07 - I'm at Surrey University doing an MSc in Medical Physics as part of my two year Clinical trainee scientist job with Bristol health service. I have loads of mates here, but it sucks not being in Bristol with my man, and having to share a flat with 13 other people.
I am also trying to finish my PhD that I am doing at Bristol University. Should have finished it before I came here, but it all went wrong! Hoping it will be done by July.

About this journal:
I like to think of myself as strong and curious, and I have a thirst for information.
This journal is about me and my life, and me second-guessing at my life. It can be boring at times, but interesting things don't always happen to good people.
I try to write meaningful muses on deep things every now and again, but mostly I write about my life.
Enjoy the glimpse into my mind.